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Influencing The 7 Mountains Of The Society, Call To Be The Salt & Light Of The City.

Every society has 7 mountains, or 7 gateways through which as a believer I can impact and bless my city. The Word says, in Proverbs 11:10 that when the righteous prospers, the city rejoices. As a local church, the way to get the city to thrive is when the believers prosper in their calling. Christians in the field of Arts, Business, Education, Family, Government, Media and Religion can make an impact by living the Gospel. To fully fulfill the Great Commission, these 7 facets of the society has to be reached and it can – if each believer lives out their purpose. When the mindset changes from job to assignment, from livelihood to Kingdom work, the impact starts. What if one believer, in their respective area could reach out to at least one person in a year and what if that person reaches out to another? The growth would be exponential and credible. Since you meet the person on a regular basis, discipleship can happen ensuring that he/she continues in faith. This would indeed produces sustainable results in evangelism than what an outreach meeting could achieve.


Entertainment in the form of music, movies, television and social media have gripped the hearts of the youth of our generation. Creativity is a God-given tool. If the church were to wisely and tactfully use the different entertainment channels to cater to the young gen’s needs at the same time displaying godly values, we would definitely see many youngsters coming to the knowledge that the God we serve is a God is fun-loving but real at the same time! We envision a time when the talented & skillful creatives in our church would take their gifting, being unafraid to use them for the expansion of the Kingdom – and the time is NOW!


Wealth & income-generation is a divine ability. It is the heart of God that businesses flourish, that the wealth of the nations come to the church and that through these businesses the church gets to display the nature & character of God, businesses free of corruption & greed. Enterprises run by leaders with integrity & honesty get to create not just wealth but also job opportunities for the ones who are seeking work, thereby support them and their families. We look to a time when modern day Abrahams, Josephs, Nehemiahs will arise and display Kingdom wealth administration and that we serve a God who blesses the work of our hands – and the time is NOW!


This key sphere of influence is in dire need of Christian educationalists, teachers, professionals holding to biblical principles and teaching. The Israelites in the wilderness failed to pass on their encounters with the Lord to their next generation, which resulted in them growing up without the values and principles as their fathers & mothers. The key to raising up godly generation lies in conquering the education mountain. It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men, quote by Frederick Douglass relates to so well to our current age. We behold a time when educational institutes and organizations become centers of revival – and the time is NOW!


The most fundamental unit of any society is family, which is why the enemy targets this unit the most. We’re struck globally with divorce, homosexual marriages, children walking like orphans due to abuse and trauma. As believers, cultivating godly values and hosting the love of Jesus is vital. God’s covenant in marriage needs to be honored for godly offsprings who will hold to biblical principles & values for their lives. Healthy families mean healthy communities. As the world goes into a mindset of all is fair in love, encouraging focus on self and pride, the need for families rooted on the foundations of the Word is heightened and the time for us to claim this mountain is NOW!


Politics is an area that we see much corruption and ungodliness in these days. The Old Testament shows a picture, despite the presence of pagan rulers and officials there were a Joseph, a Daniel, a Nehemiah, an Esther who occupied governmental level jobs and who were influential in guiding the pagan ruler to make the right decision & choice. This mountain can either break or build a nation as it reflects the moral condition of the land. Hence it is imperative that more modern day Daniels, Josephs, Nehemiahs and Esthers come into the scene. A little bit of salt goes a long in way in flavouring a dish. In the same manner, we contemplate a time when laws and decisions are taken by godly men & women showcasing the Lordship of Jesus and the time is NOW!


This mountain involves TV, radio, print and online news media. There is a huge need for honest journalists, news reporters, content writers who don’t compromise reporting the facts for popularity or who don’t succumb to pressure, stopping the propagation of false reports. The influence and reach of this mount is much. Therefore as believers there is dire need for transformation to be brought to this sector as it has the potential to create culture and define the character. Let this mountain become that city on a hill, shining the light of the King through those of us who are called into this area. The time for redefining the values, principles and operations of this mountain is NOW!


All through religion is treated as an effort from man to reach out to a deity or to be rid with the effects & consequences of sin. Christianity is not a religion but a relationship – one initiated by the Living God as seen through the life of Jesus. The Church, being the Body of Christ has to rise up and exercise the authority that has been granted by the Lord. The 5 fold ministers, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers, Pastors and Apostles are vital in reaching out to the ones who have lost hope in religion, demonstrating the power of our loving God through word and deed. In the last days, when lawlessness abound, the role of these gifts to the body of Christ is highlighted and the time for them to conquer this mountain is NOW!

When Jesus addressed the crowds and gave teaching, he used parables and analogies that people from all backgrounds could relate to, be it farming, religious laws, helping the poor, how to deal with governmental authorities –everything connected to living in a society. He knew that for the Kingdom to become real and relevant, it is needed that the messengers communicate and convey in a language relatable to the ones who have not met Him. What if the ones who have been given their specific Kingdom assignment in the respective sphere took this call to reach out to the ones who don’t know Jesus? We would slowly see – On earth as it is in Heaven. We would see the Global Harvest, Glorious Church, our church vision & mission playing out in front of our very eyes. Therefore let each one called & appointed by the LORD take up their place & position, being positive agents of change, bringing comfort and healing to many through their God-given Kingdom work, resulting in the transformation of our society.


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