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It is the God given passion and mandate of Exodus Church to administer healing and wholeness through the ministry of Counseling. Exodus has internationally qualified counselors who are available to minister to the various needs and crisis encountered by people.


Counseling ministry focuses on bringing deep healing to the broken hearted and freedom to the captives with the anointing of The Wonderful Counselor, Jesus (Isaiah 61:1). Setting people free to walk in the fullness of God’s calling in their lives is the prerogative of this ministry. This is accomplished in four or five sessions by leading the clients through a clear understanding from the word of God about repentance, forgiveness, inner healing, deliverance, physical healing and finally adminsirering the prayer ministry for healing and deliverance. This is always followed by prayer for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, which will enable them to walk in freedom and victory. The clients are also clearly taught the disciplines they need to follow to remain vigilant which will help them to keep the freedom God gave them.


The counseling department is led by Mrs. Deepa Thomas, who was trained at Ellel Ministries, UK, in Inner-healing and Deliverance. The church has an efficient team of 52 trained counselors to serve in this life changing ministry of healing through deliverance.

Contact Sis Deepa Thomas

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Exodus is a Pentecostal church dedicated to serving and uplifting the community through various outreach programs. As part of our ministry, we are actively involved in providing assistance to those in need, whether it is helping people who are homeless, providing relief during times of floods and disasters, or organizing community development programs.

One of our signature programs is 'Joy to the World,' where our talented Exodus band performs for the public during Christmas. This is an opportunity for us to spread joy and positivity, while also sharing the message of love and hope that comes with the holiday season.

Our outreach programs aim to serve the community and create a positive impact on people's lives. We believe that by serving others, we are serving God and fulfilling our mission to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We invite you to join us in our efforts to make a difference and bring joy to the world.


Cell Groups

Cell or home groups are the heart of our church. These home groups are spread across the city, meeting at various locations with the aim to nurture, build and transform your Christian walk of faith in a community. Growth happens among like-minded people. Apart from our Sunday service, fellowshipping in the middle of the week refreshes & energizes in the midst of busy schedules. Get in touch with us to know about a cell group in your area.

For more details, Call: 9388460610 

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